All vehicle hire is considered to be from the departure from our depot to return, however we do our best to accommodate your requirements. The vehicle and chauffeur are at your discretion during the hire period. We charge a minimum 1 hour hire for any event to cover preparation and minimum wage responsibilities.

Transfer pricing is for exactly that; the most direct route from the reservation sheet pick up address to the destination address. Any requested deviation from these routes will be charged on a per hour fee basis in 15-minute blocks. This includes last minute alterations to pick-ups or destinations.

Damage to vehicle interiors will incur a $1,000 minimum fee. This does not include glasses, which is imposed at our discretion to cover additional clean up and replacement costs. Please review the smoking, seat belt and responsible consumption of alcohol statements below.

Cleaning fees start at $250.00 per hour and includes any required drying time, this covers spills of drinks or food, any bodily fluids, make up & glitter and staining of any furniture.


Unfortunately, due to the circumstances surrounding the current attempt to control the wide-spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the government have now implemented certain procedures to reduce the potential of a wide-spread outbreak.


As per current advise and guidelines provided by both Fair Trading NSW and by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (A.C.C.C.), any transfer bookings made for a future date that have been cancelled or suspended (including those by any Airlines/Cruise Lines) because of a COVID-19 related issue (e.g. Public Health Orders, regional lockdowns, cancelled third party events due to capacity restrictions etc), can ONLY be eligible for a travel credit. Bookings will be honoured for re-scheduled trips if travel plans have changed. All changes are to be advised as soon as possible by email to “enquire@arrivefirstclass.com.au”.

(PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, no guarantee can be given that any booked vehicle may be available on a future date as we are experiencing an extremely high volume of re-bookings. All re-scheduled bookings where travel credits are redeemed are pending vehicle availability.

COVID-19 Update as per the current Public Health Policy Order:

Driver & Customers DO NOT have to be fully vaccinated to travel in the vehicle, however it is strongly suggested you are to protect our driver and yourself.

Both drivers and travelling passenger must have access to and wear a face mask during each transfer (some exemptions apply).

Every travelling passenger must sign in or be signed in using a smart phone and the provided QR Code before departure.


Unless postponed by you either in writing or by phone, within 24 hours of the booking time and subject to the NSW Government Covid-19 updates and notifications at that time, we

have the right to consider any transfer scheduled to arrive or depart from a Covid-19 hotspot location as cancelled.

(These terms may be changed at any time to comply with any immediate state health orders and/or any industry requirements)

WE ALWAYS STRONGLY ADVISE TRAVEL INSURANCE for all transfers to/from both domestic and international ports of entry into and exit from Australia (this includes both cruises and airports!).

Payment Terms

A minimum of 20% of the quoted fee is required as a non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation. The balance of the quoted fee is to be paid at least 14 days prior to the date of the event. Bookings made within 14 days of travel do require full payment to be made in order to secure any vehicles. Payment may be made by Direct Deposit or by all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, & AMEX etc)


No-Show Policy

100% of the cost of travel shall be charged if the customer doesn’t show up at the agreed place at the agreed time.

NOTE. We send you a trip sheet or verbally confirm all the information you have supplied to us. Please confirm all details are correct and inform us immediately of any changes.

Arrive First Class & H2 Hunter Hummers will not be responsible for errors in pick up, drop or timing unless it is clearly annotated on our trip sheet. An error in pick up details can result in a NO SHOW being applied to a journey.

Extended Use

As far as possible, customers should try to maintain the time frame for which the vehicles are reserved. Though we shall try to accommodate the request for extension of time, an extra cost will be charged in increments of 15 minutes as per our standard charges.

Please book the vehicle for the time you actually require. Extensions are not always possible as we have multiple bookings on any given day.

Inclement Weather & Traffic Jams

Every effort shall be made to dispatch the vehicles sufficiently in advance & to get you to your destination on time but we cannot be held responsible for traffic jams, road works or bad weather conditions.


In the event of a breakdown or accident to the vehicle prior to the date of the journey, every effort shall be made to supply a similar or alternative vehicle/s at our discretion. If the vehicle breaks down during the journey or in-route to customer, the chauffeur will make alternative arrangements. We cannot be held financially responsible for the delayed arrival to third party bookings/events due to any vehicle mechanical problems that may arise.

Termination of Transfers:

In the event that any member of the travelling passengers commits any of the following offences, our drivers have been instructed to immediately terminate the transfer:

Smoking / Vaping in the vehicle

Urinating in the vehicle

Displays ANY abusive or threatening behaviour.

On termination of the transfer, the driver has the right to eject either just the primary offender or all travelling passengers to a location they deem safe to stop.

Smoking & Seat Belt Policy

As per N.S.W. Law, smoking is strictly prohibited in public vehicles. Seat belts are to be worn at all times the vehicle is in motion and any infringement is the responsibility of each individual passenger.


All hourly rates are inclusive of Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST). Your quote will be based on a minimum one-hour flag fall charge (this covers vehicle prep and post event clean up) followed by charges based on the time the car is away from where it is garaged. All details are correct at time of publishing; however, they may be subject to change without notice.

In making a deposit or securing full payment for your transfer, you are accepting all acknowledgment of our T’s & C’s.